* Holiday Hot Deal - The Dark Side

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This Hot Deal  is only $85 and is worth $160 AND includes free shipping in the US!

Included in the Today's Hot Deal:

- D20 Silver with Onyx - 35mm Extra Large
- 8″ x 5″ Oval Dice Tray – Sleeping Dragon on vegan leather. Mirrored acrylic dice pocket
- 16mm Plastic RPG Dice set - Matte Black
-  Black Precision Aluminum RPG Dice Set **Imperfect - see below description**  Precision Dice are made of airplane grade aluminum, providing a lightweight, balanced die.  They are engraved by CNC router and brilliant colors. 

C4 Dice Trays are unique and beautifully crafted.  The Sleeping Dragon is laser etched into the vegan leather fabric for a unique and durable rolling surface.  

  •  ** IMPORTANT ** The Black Precision Aluminum Set was a Demo set at conventions so it is slightly scratched up.  Its not very obvious without looking for it, but with my super awesome camera, you can see the imperfections up close and I tried to capture some of the scratches or dings so that you can get an idea of what they look like.  There are 2 of these packages available today so the blemishes will be different on the black precision dice but they are very similar in the amount and degree of imperfections. 

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